Nomad During Covid

As I sat in my 250 square foot apartment in NYC, using my coffee table as a desk while sitting on the floor working, I realized there had to be a better way.

By this point it was early June. I had been quarantined alone in my one bedroom apartment since March 14. I understand that everyone in the country in quarantining in their own spaces, but the lack of human contact was taking a serious toll on my well being. I couldn’t leave my apartment without wearing a mask and coming within six feet of people on the street.

After being laid off after two weeks after my job in event sales (thx Rona!), I eventually got a job doing customer support for a food delivery service temporarily. Thankfully this was something to help occupy my brain but my apartment was not set up to work remotely. Without a kitchen table, let alone a desk, and more and more offices switching to remote work, I decided that there is no point in sitting on my floor to work in a $1700 apartment that has no AC and one window. I broke my lease, moved into my parents house for a few weeks and planned my next steps.

I really juggled with where I could see myself living. I originally though that I could move back to Nashville, Tennessee. I had already lived there almost 5 years, the rent was less expensive for more space and things were open. But as cases started (and continue to) spike across the tri-star state, I decided it may not be the best idea right now to move from one epicenter to another.

Which led me to deciding to wander across the U.S. in extended stay Air BnBs until I know what I want to do with my life and where I see myself living. (LOL but will I ever figure that out? Stay tuned.)

First up, Vermont. I’ll be staying in the mountains for a month while I work remotely. A priority for me is making sure that wherever I go I am doing my best to stop the spread of Covid-19. I am traveling alone, I will only be making essential trips to town as much as possible and will be wearing mask and following social distancing guideline.

I’m not sure how long this nomad lifestyle will last but I’m working to live not living to work and I don’t want to lose sight of that. The traveling may not look the same as it would in a non-Covid world but I can’t wait to see what safe adventures await me in the U.S.


  1. Hi Cayli πŸ™‚ I search for weird shit. πŸ˜› I found you post by searching for “I want” — and you basically wrote that you want to figure out what you want (LOL) … anyways: Why don’t you want to have a contact form? Like maybe somebody would want to hire you (?) or maybe just exchange ideas, or whatever. What do you like doing? What kinds of jobs do you want? Do you want a job at all, or would you rather work freelance? Many questions — do you have time to answer stuff like this?

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  2. This is such a genius idea!! Extended-stay air BnBs are perfect for a time like this when most people are working remotely anyway. It’s so awesome that you thought of that and took that leap! Best of luck to you on your adventures!!

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