My 30 Before 30 List

After reading Marina Shifrin’s book, 30 Before 30, I decided I NEEDED a list of my own. My friend Angela and I hopped on Facetime in the beginning of quarantine and made a list of 30 things we wanted to accomplish before turning 30. I have a little over 6 years [please do not remind me] to complete my list and I can’t wait to accomplish these, big and small.

  1. Visit all 50 states
  2. Live abroad
  3. Run a half marathon
    • Was supposed to happen this year but maybe 2021!
  4. Fall in love
    • I don’t want to just prioritize a romantic relationship [though it would be nice]. I want to focus on falling in love with someone, with something, and with myself.
  5. Participate in a community theater production
  6. Take a creative writing class
  7. Publish a book
  8. Buy a house/land/apartment
  9. Become a certified yoga teacher
  10. Go to Iceland
    • My first post-quarantine trip hopefully!
  11. Begin volunteering regularly
  12. Write a letter to myself to open on my 30th birthday
  13. See the Rockettes at Christmas
  14. Take a self-defense class
  15. Write and send letters to 3 people who positively impacted my life
  16. Completely unplug for a day
    • No phone, no TV, just me and the world.
  17. Figure out how to care for my skin
    • I’ve come along way but my skin still looks like a 13-year-old boy’s more often than I’d like.
  18. Stay awake all night and watch the sunrise
    • I would ideally like to do this in NYC or Nashville but I’m not picky.
  19. Attend a Preds playoff game
  20. Get [another] tattoo
    • Sorry mom!
  21. Invest in an “adult” wardrobe/find my style
    • I am already trying to move away from fast fashion to be more sustainable, but I definitely need to invest in some nice clothing/jewelry/makeup because right now I would call my wardrobe “This is what a professional adult wears, right?”
  22. Go one month [or longer] without drinking alcohol
    • I’m working on this right now because I too often find myself reaching for a glass of wine or a cold beer “just because” at the end of the workday. Usually one turns to two or three and then I feel sluggish and anxious the next day.
  23. Try contacts
    • They freak me out but the worse my eyes get they more I wish I didn’t need to wear glasses 24/7.
  24. Become involved in my community and sit on a committee and attend community meetings regularly.
    • I don’t plan on being a nomad long-term and once I settle down, I plan to attend community meetings and volunteer in my neighborhood. [Where that will be? TBD.]
  25. Visit Poland
    • My mother’s family is from Poland and immigrated to America in 1905. I’ve always wanted to visit.
  26. Go to the Tony Awards
    • I honestly don’t know how difficult it is to get tickets but I have always wanted to go to the Tonys.
  27. Fly first class
  28. Throw a surprise party
  29. Visit my little sister at college
    • Okay, she’s only starting her junior year of high school but I want to be that cool big sister who visits her little sis.
  30. Go to a book signing
    • I [obviously] love reading and books and I have only been to one book signing before. I want to meet some of my favorite authors irl.

Tell me – do you have a 30 before 30 list? Do you have something you’re hoping to accomplish before your next “milestone” birthday? [PS every birthday is a milestone!]


  1. Great list! 15 is a particularly lovely idea – it’s so easy to assume people know they were important to you, when actually they might not realise. Lots of other great ideas too – best of luck with ticking some more off in the (hopefully!) Post covid world!


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