Travel to Europe on a Budget

You may have read this title and said, “Cayli, what planet are you on? You can’t even go to Europe right now!” Yeah, yeah, and I don’t know about you but I need a little wanderlust in my life right now and I think some of y’all can relate. [I’m back in Nashville so I […]

Peace out, 23!

Y’all ever get super sentimental and reflective around your bday? I always do and I think the amount of time I’ve been alone (thx rona!) lately I have reflected a ton as I am about to turn 24. I think that saying that this year was a roller coaster is an understatement for most of […]

Dear Body

Dear body – I’m sorry. I would never imagine showing anyone in this world the amount of disrespect that I’ve shown you during my life. It all started when I noticed I was developing quicker than my peers in middle school. I felt uncomfortable with my new wide hips and having to wear a real […]

One Month of Lease-Free Living Done!

I feel like just yesterday I broke my NYC lease without any plans besides a month-long AirBnB booked in Killington, VT. I didn’t have a full-time job, really no plan or direction, just hope that a change of scenery would be able to help give me clarity. And boy have I gotten more clarity than […]


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About Me

Hey y’all and welcome to my little blog. I’m Cayli, a twenty-something who has no idea what I’m doing with my life. I’m a little yee-haw, a lot of city and I love to spend my days reading, drinking Diet Coke and doing yoga. 2020 has led me to working remote and in this “new normal.” I decided to break my lease at my NYC apartment, store my furniture and live in short-term rentals across the US. Can’t wait for you to follow me on this journey. I’ll be sharing where I’m going, my adventures in each place, how I balance work and fun, books I’m reading and more! Can’t wait for you to follow along.

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